Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magnolia Pearl Love

The day I found Magnolia Pearl was the day my healing began. I didn't actually know this until a long time later. That day when I opened a page & found this picture, hope timidly unfurled in my soul for the very first time...
click on the fairy & see what happens
"Your beauty is familiar, your voice is like a key -it opens up my soul & torches up a fire inside of me. Your coat is made of magic, around your table angels play" Water Boys
 I discovered a life saving truth. A truth that I had been searching for all my life: "Beauty belongs to all of us". Beauty belongs to God. He.. is in all beauty...& goodness & kindness & gentleness & love.
Robin "Pearl" Brown is "Magnolia Pearl"
A clothing company? Hardly... 
A precious woman with a childlike heart & magic hands, she presents love & authentic beauty to the world in ways that deeply effect the way woman value themselves & their ability to create.

Read Robin's biography here.

I think that maybe it's Robin's generosity of spirit that makes the light shine so brightly. Imagine that, woman all around the globe, immersed in creative beauty & love, growing, glowing, glorious..& free!
"What if you thought of yourself as the as the greatest piece of art you've ever created- a masterpiece in the making? If you saw yourself this way, would you live your life differently- paying more attention to the details? Michaelangelo said "I saw an angel in a block of marble & I carved until I set him free."
How much paint would you put on your canvas? How many colours would you use? The beautiful thing about art is, when you make a mistake you paint over it & keep going. All of us are a work of art- a masterpiece in the making- a reflection of God. The brush is in our hand- we can create what we want to reflect to the universe (beauty is in the layers). God saw an angel in all of us & kept carving until He set us free. Now it's our turn to go forth & carve, paint, create & set something magical free- our spirits. This is our time to shine. Don't save any paint, cover your canvas, use your good brushes & don't be afraid to make a mess. All masterpieces require a great mess. Art is messy inside & out. Paint "LOVE" across your canvas. Paint "I love you" across your canvas! " Ok earth angels go forth & share the love , share the art, share the heart & know that I love you" ---Pearl

"You are a child of God your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine."
Marianne Williamson

All I can say is thank you with all my heart! thank you.

An angel finding wings xx

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  1. I adore Magnolia Pearl too would love to work with her