Thursday, August 18, 2011

Margaret Tarrant

 Margaret Winifred Tarrant was born in Battersea on the 19th of August in 1888. She set out in life to become a teacher, but, with the encouragement & support of her artist father, soon detoured into the creative world of the artist & illustrator herself. Influenced & inspired by the Arts & crafts movement & Art Nouveau style, her work largely reflects the enchanting & magical world of fairies, flowers, children & christian faith. No wonder I adore her work!! I just wish that I had discovered her sooner, although I am amazed to find, that I have set out to write this on Margaret's birthday.
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"During the 1920's Margaret moved to Peaslake in Surrey and she soon became a well known figure in the community there. Although she never married, Margaret made many loyal & long-lasting friends, both through her painting & through her membership of the local Church. Her friends describe her as full of energy, travelling around the area on an ancient bicycle to save petrol, despite not always being in the best of health herself. Many locals were used as models for her pictures. She was well known for her love of animals & her formidable cat companion, Bobby."
Lilies of the field (my postcard)
One of my favourite pictures is He Prayeth best that I once found in an op shop!
Morning Wonder is delightful too. (op shop find)
The Lesser Brethren
Windflowers (my postcard)
 Thou Visitest The Earth And Blesseth It. (my postcard)
 Christ Was Born Among The Lilies. (my postcard)
 Angels All Around
The Flower of Dawn. (my postcard)
 Four Corners. (my postcard)
What a sweet, sweet legacy. I am so grateful to be able to see these beautiful pictures & to know a little about the artist, Margaret Tarrant. Happy Birthday Margaret! XX

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  1. I have Morning Wonder - given to me in 1956 [when I was just one year old] My Dad was a Pastor and he moved churches - this was the leaving gift for me. Six years later, we moved again - and THAT church gave my baby brother 'He prayeth best@
    such a gifted artist! thanks for the memories this post brought back
    blessings x